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SAK Geopolymer


SAK offers the state-of-the-art Quadex™ GeoKrete® geopolymer, designed to provide corrosion-resistant protection in a high hydrogen sulfide environment, increase structural integrity, and stop the infiltration of groundwater in deteriorated structures. GeoKrete is a factory-blended, one-component, fiber-reinforced geopolymer synthesized from pozzolanic materials of industrial byproducts, enhanced with monocrystalline quartz aggregate. The GeoKrete geopolymer reaction mechanism is polymerization, which yields superior strength and chemical resistance. It can be applied in one pass up to several inches thick on horizontal or vertical surfaces by low-pressure spraying or spin cast application process.


Quadex™ GeoKrete® is an excellent solution for the structural restoration of large-diameter pipe 48" and larger, both storm and sewer, consisting of metal, concrete, stone, masonry, and others. Other structures such as manholes, wet-wells, and treatment plants also can benefit from the superior strength and corrosion resistance properties of this advanced geopolymer.


  • Quality-controlled, one-component factory blend for uniform results

  • High early and ultimate compressive, flexural, and bond strengths

  • Resistant to acid attack in wastewater streams with pH as low as 1.0 and temperature as high as 170°F for industrial effluent

  • Low permeability


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