The right tools in the right hands—SAK delivers a depth of experience and a breadth of services to solve your most complex pipeline challenges. Whether renewing aging pipeline, expanding water and wastewater systems, or digging new tunnels for growing communities and businesses, we draw on the latest proven technologies to customize the right solution for your situation.  VIEW PRODUCT DEMOS

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MunicipalFederalIndustrialServiceService Description
 Large Diameter TunnelingHaving completed from 4-foot diameter to 32-foot arch-shaped SEM tunnels, SAK is the tunneling expert in all kinds of ground conditions, including soft-ground, soft-rock, hard-rock, and hand-mined.
CIPP LiningSafe, sturdy, and seamless, cured-in-place pipe technology renews existing gravity storm and wastewater pipeline infrastructure without digging.
CIPP Pressure-Pipe LiningA cured-in-place-pipe solution designed for water and wastewater pressure pipeline infrastructure. For drinking water applications, National Safety Foundation (NSF) approved to ANSI 61.
GeopolymerAn advanced geopolymer repair mortar synthesized mostly of recycled industrial byproducts, enhanced with mono crystalline quartz aggregate that yields a strong, quick-setting repair mortar with exceptional chemical resistance.
 Large Diameter SlipliningInstall new pipeline using your old infrastructure. Sliplining delivers the performance of new pipeline with minimal digging and disruption
Spiral Wound PVC (SPR)SPR is a spiral, machine-wound, trenchless pipe renewal process that renews 18" to 144" circular, box culvert, arched, and other non-round pipeline applications. Often, SPR can be installed in live flow conditions.
 Shaft ExcavationSAK can design, excavate and construct shafts in even the most difficult ground conditions
 ShotcretingThe application of concrete through a hose under high pressure, shotcreting is a versatile tool for strengthening structures in tunnel construction, pipeline rehabilitation, soil stabilization, and culvert repair