CIPP Lining

Keep sewer line renovation underground… where it belongs.

It takes an expert to know one. And SAK experts work with the world’s best manufacturers of CIPP materials. With founders of the CIPP industry on-board, our experience spans over 20 years and 30 countries. Our suppliers of high-quality polyester felt tubes and resins ensure that SAK cured-in-place pipe meets ASTM F1216 standards for inversion and curing. And all our CIPP liner and resin manufacturers are ISO 9001 certified.

The CIPP liner consists of a resin-saturated felt tube with an impermeable layer of polyurethane coating the outside. Working above ground from one manhole to the next, SAK inserts CIPP into the entrance of an existing pipeline then uses water pressure to turn it inside out. Inverting the tube positions the resin on the outside. We circulate hot water or steam through the tube to cure the resin, sealing the felt liner tightly to the inside of the host pipe. Now turned outside-in, the liner’s polyurethane coating forms a smooth, strong, and long-lasting pipe-within-a-pipe.
Installation is trenchless, allowing communities to avoid the high cost, hassle, and risk of open-trench construction in populated areas. Designed for pipes from 6 to 96 inches in diameter, CIPP is a smart solution for your sewer system rehabilitation needs. Watch it in action here.

CIPP from SAK: A Smarter Solution

Aging sanitary and stormwater systems endanger the economic, public, and environmental wellbeing of cities nationwide. But for too many cash strapped communities, the cost in time, money and hassle to dig up and replace pipeline can outweigh the benefits. With our innovative CIPP technology, SAK has saved communities millions of dollars by restoring pipeline instead of replacing it.

  • Efficient: Lower maintenance costs. Raised pressure and flow capacity. Renewed structural capacity. CIPP’s strong, smooth “pipe-within-a-pipe” makes your system more efficient.
  • Strong: Jointless from one manhole to the next, CIPP reduces groundwater infiltration into sewer mains and prevents sewage exfiltration through seams or cracks. And CIPP is corrosion resistant to extend the life of your pipeline for up to 100 years.
  • Accessible: CIPP’s seamless design allows end-to-end installation in hard-to-reach locations under bridges and roadways, along waterways, through rough terrain, and in urban and historic landscapes with minimal disruption to existing infrastructure. 
  • Community-Friendly: Safer and faster than traditional open-cut methods, CIPP installation requires little if any excavation, minimizing the need for traffic detours or service interruptions. 
  • Affordable: Costing 20 to 40 percent less up front than open trench rehabilitation, CIPP also saves money in the long run by preventing pipeline breaks, reducing treatment and pumping costs, and minimizing the need for future intervention or maintenance.


A depth of experience. A commitment to service.

From the launch of CIPP technology 30 years ago through tens of millions of feet of pipeline rehabilitation, members of the SAK team have led the industry in managing and installing CIPP. With some of the most experienced and respected leaders in underground construction, we bring a level of expertise and customer service you won’t find with other pipeline contractors.