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West Downtown Structural Rehabilitation on 10th Street

Fort Worth, Texas


An old stone system desperately needed rehabilitation, but it was located in a historic area of downtown Fort Worth with limited access, limited working hours, and no ability to bypass. The pipe was fully deteriorated and required a solution that was both trenchless and structural.


In addition to working on historic streets that could not be disturbed, the 1,050 feet of pipes had only four total access points which were all located in major intersections. Combined with limited working hours and live flow conditions, this was a challenge for any product. However, SPR was up to the task.


SAK used our Spiral Wound (SPR) solution to rehabilite the 42” x 48” stacked stone sewer with a 39” liner. Because of the live flow conditions and limited access, SPR proved to be the best solution and because it added structural strength to the fully deteriorated pipe it likely saved the streets above from potential collapse. Despite the smaller diameter of the renewed pipe, the smooth surface resulted in increased flow and a happy customer.

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