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Omaha Municipal Utility District

Omaha, Nebraska


After dozens of breaks over several years, water mains serving a busy Omaha neighborhood were in serious need of rehabilitation.


Affecting four streets in a heavily populated residential neighborhood, the project required the provision of temporary bypass service to 145 individual residences and 11 temporary fire hydrants. The pipeline ran under driveways, streets and sidewalks, where traditional open-trench methods would prove very disruptive to residents and expensive for the city. Involving over a mile of cement-lined cast iron pipeline, the project would be Omaha’s largest structural lining project to date.


To save time, money, and materials, SAK installed the bypass piping along common property lines through back yards. The crew developed a new loader system carrying up to 11 service connection plugs into the 6” pipe, saving countless hours of labor. And to prevent the liner’s curing resins from entering the corporation stop valve, SAK used advanced robotics to plug and later reinstate the 145 service connections, greatly streamlining the entire process.

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