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Lower Pogues Collection Consolidation Sewers

Indianapolis, Indiana


This project was part of a prioritization program to rehabilitate aging combined sewers along the alignment of the CEG’s Deep Rock Tunnel Connector Project. The goal was to reinforce/strengthen these sewers prior to the tunnel boring machine (TBM) passing near them and potentially causing a failure from the vibration of the massive TBM. CEG issued SAK this Statement of Work to SAK in September 2017 requesting the inspection and rehabilitation of the 72-inch and 66-inch sections be expedited as they were closest to the route of the approaching TBM.


The 18-foot-deep pipeline was in a very busy area on the eastside of downtown Indianapolis near a major thoroughfare, Washington Street, and an exit ramp from I-65. This required SAK to setup extensive traffic control, with approval and permitting required from the Indianapolis street department, and coordination with local leadership and businesses by our project manager and construction team.


In October 2017 the cleaning and television inspection of the combined sewer was completed, the pipe diameters to be rehabilitated were measured, and SAK expedited the manufacturing and delivery of the CIPP felt tubes for the 66-inch and 72-inch sections of the Lower Pogues Sewers. SAK completed the successful installation and curing of the CIPP liners in these two critical segments for CEG in November, and with the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays approaching, CEG requested SAK cease operations on this project so traffic control in this heavily traveled are of downtown could be removed to alleviate congestion. With additional projects ongoing for CEG around Indianapolis under other Statements of Work, SAK able to reallocate our crew to work on those projects. As it turned out, at CEG’s request, because of the ongoing tunnel construction taking place during 2018, SAK did not complete the rehabilitation of the 36-inch and 48-inch combined sewer overflow segments, the shotcrete rehabilitation of the 36-inch lateral, the benchwall rehabilitation or the manhole rehabilitation components of work until early 2019.

The delivery of this project was expedited and completed safely, within budget, by working closely with CEG, the Indianapolis Street Department, and several high-profile stakeholders and businesses located in the area of the project.

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