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All SAK employees have been issued with an “” email address.  If you have not yet activated your account, here’s how:

  1. Go to

  2. Type in your username ( your new SAK email address: your first initial + last name + )

  3. Type in your password ( s@k + the month you were born + the last 4 digits of your social security number)  So if you were born in September and your last 4 social security # digits were 1234, your password would be the following example: s@k091234 )  Note: password is case sensitive

  4. Once you gain access, select the outlook mail icon and you're all set up for email 

  5. Now that you’re email is set up, Go to to set up your PASSWORD RECOVERY PROFILE so you will always be able to get back into your account should you lose your password.




If you are not able to login to the app or email and/or need additional assistance, please contact:

Rick Kaltenbach at 636.385.1069 or

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