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One of the most versatile tools in SAK’s arsenal of underground construction solutions, shotcreting plays a vital role in a variety of projects: tunnel construction and pipe installation; sewer rehabilitation and repair; soil stabilization; and temporary or permanent excavation support. 

One of the leading applications for shotcreting is the repair of aging culverts. Built to allow storm water to flow under major transportation infrastructure, culverts are crucial to environmental and public health and safety. More than 5 million are currently in use throughout the United States.  Many culverts are deteriorating rapidly from rust or deterioration, leaving communities vulnerable to the dangers of breaks and collapse. 

Using high-pressure air hoses, SAK sprays a specialized wet or dry concrete solution at the surface being built or repaired. The shotcrete adheres to the surface and cures, forming a structurally renewed culvert.  This not only renews the structure, it stabilizes the surrounding soil with minimal reduction of flow volume and downtime.