Get Connected with the SAK Mobile App!

Welcome to the SAK Mobile App!  Now you can stay connected with everything SAK!

Below you will find login instructions to access the SAK app.



The SAK app is available to download now in the App Store or Google Play



Computer desktop version: 

Don’t have a smartphone?  No worries!  You can also access the SAK app right from your desktop at the office or at home!  Just go to and type in your login info and you’re all set!





You will use your SAK email address and password to login to the app.

USERNAME:  first initial + last name + = (email hidden; JavaScript is required)  *

*using the name Bob Smith as an example

PASSWORD:  your existing SAK email password or use this formula if you haven’t set up a password:  s@k + the month you were born + the last 4 digits of your social security number.  So if you were born in September and your last 4 social security # digits were 1234, your password would be the following example: s@k091234



When you open the app for the first time on your phone, please select that you would like to receive notifications.  You can always adjust the notification settings inside the app to your personal preference once you’ve logged in.  This app is designed to connect SAK employees and relay important timely information and we need your participation to do so.  Thank you.


If you are not able to login to the app or email and/or need additional assistance, please contact:

Rick Kaltenbach at 636.385.1069 or (email hidden; JavaScript is required)