SAK Heroes!

Fast action by 3 SAK crew members saved lives from nearby fire!

 Safety is our top priority at SAK and recently 3 SAK employees took that to a whole other level. 

 Around 2:30 pm on March 7th, Tony Williams, Jake Warren and Tyler Rothermich of the SAK CIPP lining team at Fort Riley, Kansas were on their way to a manhole as prep work for planned sanitary sewer CIPP-lining activities for the next morning.  

 They noticed flames coming out of the roof of a housing unit. They stopped and started knocking on doors to notify the residents of the surrounding units.  After knocking on all the doors they successfully removed 3 people and one dog.  While doing this they notified the fire department and post 911.  After EMS arrived and the building was put out, all 3 of the SAK employees were praised for their fast reaction that more than likely saved the rest of the apartment complex and 3 lives.

 They received very high praise from the Military and the Director of DEC, Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Campbell presented them with 3 honorary coins for their selfless actions that saved lives!