SAK Construction becomes QLS licensee

Vortex Companies has signed SAK Construction as a licensee for its sprayed-in-place pipe (SIPP) rehabilitation system, the Quadex Lining System (QLS).

The QLS uses a GeoKrete® geopolymer to perform structural rehabilitation of large diameter pipes, culverts, tunnels and other non-round infrastructure.

During the SIPP application process, QLS sprays the GeoKrete in a conical motion to ensure a consistent and even pattern.

QLS is then drawn back through the pipe on a sled at a constant pace.

The liner cures through polycondensation and bonds to itself, and can be applied in layers depending on the rehabilitative needs of the asset, and recently received SCS Global Services certification for the geopolymer’s reduced carbon footprint.

SAK has a long history and excellent reputation for delivering high quality pipe rehabilitation services,” said Vortex Companies CEO Mike Vellano.

“We are extremely excited to have them on board as a licensee for QLS.”

SAK Vice President Rehab Operations Steve Hirtz said the addition of QLS expands the company’s service offerings.

“QLS allows us to effectively provide a true large diameter rehabilitation system where our traditional methods simply cannot compete from a cost and performance perspective,” said Mr Hirtz.