SAK featured among St. Louis 100 private companies in 2017

SAK Construction won $162 million in tunneling projects in 2016, which helped to grow the O’Fallon, Missouri, company’s revenue to over $200 million, CEO and Chairman Tom Kalishman said.




The company added more St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District projects in 2016, including the $146 million Jefferson Barracks and $81 million Upper Maline tunneling projects, which are part of MSD’s $4.7 billion Project Clear initiative.


“The tight national labor market for construction workers led us to address this challenge by redoubling our commitment to hiring a diverse workforce and recruiting employees here,” Kalishman said.


SAK hired Bi-State Development’s Melva Pete as its new vice president of human resources, where she’ll focus on talent acquisition and retention, diversity and compensation, among other areas.


“We’re excited about opportunities in 2017 and beyond,” Kalishman said. “Given our current record backlog and the ever-growing need to rebuild America’s rapidly aging infrastructure, we expect to see increasing demand for our products and services.”

Kalishman, President Jerry Shaw and co-founder Bob Affholder are majority owners.

Add any jobs in 2016? About 35 across all segments in St. Louis and about 70 across all segments companywide.

Adding any jobs in 2017? We will continue to hire in St. Louis in 2017 with most of the employment opportunities to support our tunneling projects with the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District. Companywide, we plan on adding 50-100.


Local employees: 225 E

Total employees: 450 E

Leadership: Tom Kalishman, chairman and CEO; Jerry Shaw, president