Sewer Rehabilitation Project for MSD Awarded to SAK Construction

Army Corps of Engineers Taps SAK for $9.178 million contract; SAK to employ trenchless technologies to combat overflows associated with Old Mill Creek Sewer and connecting sewers in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (November 4, 2010) —The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District, has awarded a $9.178 million contract to SAK Construction for the Old Mill Creek Phase 1A project for the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District. The project, which targets the aging Old Mill Creek Sewer and smaller connecting sewers, is designed to eliminate or control related sewer overflows that affect both the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County, Mo. SAK, a national pipeline rehabilitation and tunneling industries contractor headquartered in the St. Louis area, won the contract in a negotiated Request for Proposal solicitation.

The Old Mill Creek Phase 1A project is partially funded by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, which provides significant funding for states to finance high priority infrastructure projects needed to ensure clean water and safe drinking water.   

“With America’s aging infrastructure, communities nationwide face serious issues related to deteriorating sanitary sewers, storm sewers and water mains,” says Charlie Kuhnmuench, vice president of business development, SAK Construction. “To help clients avoid or solve water-related problems, we develop and deliver the specific, most cost-effective pipeline solutions—such as cured-in-place pipe–that will work best for each community’s sewer and water main needs.  For the Old Mill Creek project, we’ll apply a cross-section of trenchless technologies to rehabilitate the sewer and its connectors with minimal disruption to the above-ground environment.”

SAK Construction will rehabilitate 5,360 linear feet of the arch-shaped, 15-foot-tall, 20-foot-wide Old Mill Creek sewer and connecting sewers.  Work on the existing century-old structure, which is built of limestone block and brick, requires external chemical grouting; reinforcement of the con-crete invert; repair of 8-inch, 12-inch, 15-inch and 18-inch lateral sewer pipes; the application of reinforced shotcrete lining; and protection and restoration of the site. The project’s scheduled completion date, subject to delays due to high river stages, is the end of November 2011.  

SAK Construction is one of the fastest-growing, privately held pipeline rehabilitation and tunneling contractors in the U.S. today. SAK ( clients include a variety of city, county and state agencies; industrial sectors; municipalities; and water and sewer cooperatives coast-to-coast. Recent SAK Construction projects include the $31.9 million, 3.5-mile Downtown Wastewater Tunnel for the City of Austin, Texas; the Los Coyotes Interceptor Sewer Rehabilitation Phase II, a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) project for the County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles, Calif.; a second Wastewater Collection System Rehabilitation project for the Paducah-McCracken Joint Sewer Agency in Paducah, Ky.; a CIPP sewer rehabilitation for the City of Phoenix, Ariz., totaling more than 120,000 linear feet; a $3 million CIPP wastewater collection system rehabilitation and replacement project for the City of Chattanooga,Tenn.; and the 2,300-linear-foot, 96-inch diameter Coldwater Relief Tunnel in unincorporated St. Louis County for the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District.