America’s cities depend on water.

SAK helps keep it flowing.

You don’t have to dig to continue delivering safe, reliable drinking water to your community. Whether you need to eliminate leaks and breaks, or increase usable life, SAK can renew your pipes with minimal surface disruption. Using SAK’s proven cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) technology process and materials designed expressly for carrying water, we install a sturdy liner inside existing pipelines to create a clean, strong, new pipe inside the old one.

The SAK Advantage

  • Trenchless: Using the latest trenchless technology, SAK renews pipelines fast without the noise, mess, traffic, safety and environmental issues common with open-cut pipe rehabilitation.
  • Seamless: Our process delivers a fully-structural, seamless “pipe-within-a-pipe” which eliminates costly leaks. Installed in continuous runs of significant length, SAK’s process is ideal for use in areas under roadways, bridges, and busy urban neighborhoods, typically inaccessible by traditional open-cut methods.
  • Performance enhancing: By strengthening pipes and sealing leaks, we provide a smooth, clean surface eliminating the potential of future tuberculation and renewing old pipes to their original capacity.
  • Safe: Conserve resources and protect public health by renewing your old infrastructure. By sealing aging pipeline from within, we prevent fresh water from leaking out and contaminants from infiltrating in. And it meets the stringent requirements for drinking water safety.
  • Cost effective: Costing 20-40% less than traditional open-cut methods, SAK’s trenchless technology saves money both at installation and down the line. By helping prevent water-main leaks and breaks, it can lower distribution costs and reduce on-going maintenance.

Using their proven cured-in-place-pipe technology process, SAK renews yesterday’s water and sewer infrastructure to meet tomorrow’s growth. How can we help your community?

Quenching your community’s thirst for safe water without draining your resources. Solved.