Keep wastewater pipeline renovation underground and on budget

Whether crumbling from decades of neglect or straining to keep up with growing demand, America’s 1.2 million miles of aging wastewater pipelines present huge challenges for communities of all sizes. Pollution from sewer overflows and back-ups endangers public and environmental health and exposes cash-strapped municipalities to costly fines.  Sewer gases weaken pipe walls increasing the potential for sink holes, while groundwater infiltration through deteriorated pipelines overloads already over-worked treatment systems.

Leveraging our industry-leading experience installing pipeline rehabilitation solutions, SAK rehabilitates deteriorating underground sanitary sewers, storm sewers and force mains from 6 inches to 144 inches in diameter.

  • Efficient: Compared to dig-and-replace methods, our trenchless methods allow us to rehabilitate pipes from above ground, with minimal disruption to traffic flow or existing landscape, roads or structures.  When expansion of your system is required to alleviate capacity issues, our tunneling capabilities offer you a less disruptive option for installing large conveyance pipelines.
  • Strong:  Renewing your wastewater system for another 100 years of reliable service, SAK’s CIPP, Spiral Wound, and CompressionFIT technologies restore structural integrity and flow to host pipelines instead of replacing them. 
  • Affordable: Costing 20-40% less than traditional open-cut methods, SAK’s trenchless solutions can lower treatment and pumping costs and can reduce the need for ongoing maintenance.

Take the waste out of wastewater pipeline rehabilitation.

As communities struggle to find answers to their wastewater pipeline issues, SAK provides cutting edge solutions that save time, money, and hassle for managers and residents alike.

If your not stopping groundwater infiltration, you may be missing the big picture. Infiltration into deteriorating sewers increases the water that needs treatment and stresses plants that are already at capacity. Building new plants costs considerably more that fixing leaking sewers. SAK solves your infiltration issues and saves you money!