Installation Information

WELCOME TO SAK CONSTRUCTION!  Our company was contracted by your community to repair the main sanitary sewer that services your home. We install a special liner inside the existing sewer main to renew your sewer quickly and without excavation.

During the repair, the liner blocks the connection from your home into the sewer system (see figure below). A remote-controlled device will reinstate your service to the system once the liner is completely installed. Since we install the liner through existing manholes, you may see foot traffic and small equipment in yards that contain them.

NOTE: Until your service is reinstated, you must refrain from using your water as much as possible. Minimal restroom usage is acceptable; however, avoid running dishwashers, washing machines, showers, etc.



Do I have to discontinue use of all water for the timeframe involved?

We recommend that you discontinue the use of all water while we are rehabilitating the main sewer system.  This includes the use of toilets, showers, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.  During the work hours specified, your connection to the sewer system is blocked while our crews work to repair and update the pipeline.  However, if you must use your toilet, you may do so but please keep flushes to a minimum to avoid sewage backup into your home.  After work is completed, you may return to normal water usage.

What is the smell?

The smell from our rehabilitation process is part of the curing system that hardens a liner into the existing sewer main.  The process allows us to repair your sewer system without digging up the ground.  Because the liner passes (and blocks) your home’s connection to the sewer system, the smell can sometimes travel up your pipes and into your home.  Do not be alarmed, this is part of the process and will dissipate shortly after we are done with our work.  Here are some steps you can take to reduce any odor in your home:

  • Open windows to ventilate the smell.  Opening windows on opposite sides of your house will create a cross-draft, which can speed up the dissipation of any smell.
  • Pour a couple of cups of water down every drain.  Odor typically enters a dwelling through drains that have a dry trap, so air is not blocked by the water that would typically fill the pipe. Drains or sinks that are used infrequently are the source of the problem, so basement floor drains should definitely be checked first.

If the odor persists beyond the time specified when work is completed, please contact the supervisor indicated on the door notice for further instructions.

I don’t see any trucks on my street, does that mean they are done?

No.  We typically access the sewer mains we are repairing from manholes that serve your street.  Those manholes can be located on the next block, in a backyard, in an alley, etc.  From those manholes, our work is done underground so you may not see our trucks while we are working on the sewer main that serves your home.

The card says to disconnect my sump pump?  How do I know if I have one?

If your home has a sump pump, it is almost always located in your basement. A sump pump is a pump used to remove water that accumulates in a water collecting basin.  That basin collects water from perimeter drains of a basement waterproofing system that funnel into it or because of rain or natural ground water, if the basement is below the water table level.  Without, water would flood your home.

Here is a link to wikipedia’s explanation of a sump pump and a picture to help you locate it:


Who authorized this work? Am I going to receive a bill?

This work is part of a sewer revitalization project paid for by your municipality.  You will not receive any individual bill for work done by SAK.