Today’s manufacturers are running leaner than ever, leaving no time for interruption and no margin for error.  Broken pipes, flooding, restricted flow — the risks of contamination or property damage caused by aging or inadequate water, sanitary or stormwater pipelines are great.  Businesses depend on water now more than ever and repair work must revolve around production schedules.  When problems arise, they can’t afford the loss in time, money, and productivity that come with traditional dig-and-replace pipe rehabilitation methods.  Beyond the cost, disruption and risk it presents to people and property, excavation often results in peripheral issues causing project setbacks and extra expense.  Site surveys and evaluations can delay work.  And stopped water or sewer service can put a stop to your production line. 

SAK’s solutions allow companies to renew their legacy pipeline infrastructure rather than replace it, saving money, time, and hassle compared to open-cut methods.  Often with no need to dig, installation goes faster with minimal, if any, interruption to business operations.  And your pipelines and assembly lines are back in service making you money instead of costing you money. 

Ask us about our OMNIA® Partners “Trenchless Technology Rehabilitation” contract.

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