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You can’t afford downtime of your oil pipelines for costly repairs or replacement. The effects of corrosion can also reduce flow, so you need a solution that repairs and protects the pipe while restoring operating capacity.  

SAK’s oil pipeline lining system delivers protection which minimizes the need for unplanned repairs or replacement.  Additionally, the use of our solution restores hydraulic properties, eliminating the need for costly chemical injection of both corrosion inhibitors and drag reducers.

SAK’s CompressionFIT™ polyethylene lining system gives you peace of mind that your investment is protected.  The excellent corrosion resistant properties of polyethylene can shield pipelines from deterioration that takes place over time in normal operations.  Fortify your new or existing pipelines with SAK’s CompressionFIT polyethylene liners and secure your oil transmission while extending the useful life of your system.

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