Small Diameter Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation


With 51,000 feet of aging sanitary sewer line in need of repair, the City of Osawatamie, Kansas called in general contractor Bates Utility. They in turn tapped SAK for the CIPP portion of the job—37,242 linear feet.


Extending over seven miles in length, the pipeline served over 650 homes, requiring the connectors to be sealed during liner installation and reopened on completion. In addition, pipe diameter varied throughout the system, with segments varying in diameter of 8, 10 and 12 inches.


At completion, the Osawatomie sewer rehabilitation proved to be SAK’s largest CIPP project to date. The city and general contractor were so pleased with SAK’s CIPP expertise that they asked SAK to restore additional pipeline segments originally slated for pipe-bursting or open-cut rehabilitation.