Maline Creek CSO BP 051 & 052 Local Storage Facility


The Maline Creek CSO project is part of MSD Project Clear, which is a long-term effort by MSD, undertaken as part of an agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Missouri Coalition for the Environment. Project Clear is an initiative to improve water quality and alleviate many wastewater concerns throughout St. Louis City and County. Maline Creek is a small tributary to the Mississippi River that leis on the northern edge of the City of St. Louis. The Maline Creek facility is the second MSD Project Clear storage project to be constructed. The underground storage facility will reduce the volume of discharge into Maline Creek and, ultimately, the Mississippi River. The Maline Creek storage facility will run from the Chain of Rocks Drive to Church Road. In this project, there are two locations, just upstream of the confluence of the Mississippi River, where combined sewers may discharge into Maline Creek during significant wet weather. This project will divert the excess water and sewage to the Maline Creek Storage Facility during times of significant wet weather, and then a pump station will transfer the stored flow back to the system when the wet weather subsides. The flow will be treated at the Bissell Point Wastewater Treatment Plant. The work built on this project consists of construction of a 40 foot diameter, 12.5 MGD submersible pump station that is 165 feet underground. SAK is to complete the excavation of 2,700 lf tunnel to a diameter of 33 feet with a finished diameter of 28 feet with a cast in place concrete lining. SAK’s scope of work includes a 580 foot long by 6 foot connecting tunnel with Hobas pipe; three deaeration chambers; three intake structures, a shallow connector sewer constructed by pipe jacking and 1,000 feet of 12-inch to 30-inch diameter near-surface sewers.